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Europe / Asia / Africa / Australia Regions

Alliance offers automation to improve productivity of box line palletisers. For more than 30 years the company has designed and manufactured over 10,000 corrugated box manufacturing machines​ for the industry, all focused on raising the productivity bar.

Contact your regional manager for information.

ePALL Palletiser

The new ePALL Automatic Palletiser provides highly reliable performance, reduces manual labor costs, delivers excellent load quality and is adaptable to any finishing machine.  Recently released for sale, the ePALL is a high-performance palletising system that can be optimized for flexibility and speed on a given product mix.

Features include:

  •  Automatic adjustment squaring for optimum operator interaction

  •  Limited Drop Height assuring optimum bundle quality

  •  Perfect stack quality

  •  Dual elevator allows for maximum speed in all situations

  •  4-sided Squaring

  •  Operator panel with a very operator-friendly HMI


For Password contact your regional manager

eLM Electric Semiautomatic LoadMaster

For applications where a fully automatic palletizer might not be the ideal solution, Alliance offers its Semiautomatic LoadMaster, the eLM. The eLM is completely electric and gives the operator the ability to build loads in a very ergonomic way without slowing down the converting machines.

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