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Marius Batrin


Alliance Machine Systems International, LLC


Annual Report to the Industry


Alliance Helps Improve Productivity for Box Plants

Happy New Year from the team at Alliance.  We thank all of our customers for placing their trust in Alliance products and systems.  After a couple of very robust and hectic years, we believe the machinery segment will cool as customers digest the capacity purchased in 2021 and 2022.  We see GDP cooling and interest rates rising to 10-year highs.  GDP is important to the integrateds who fund the projects from cash flow, and interest rates are important to the independents who usually finance their projects.


Alliance Application Engineers have been helping box makers advance finishing equipment speeds and productivity, contributing to the growth of the corrugated industry. Our team of Development Engineers has created innovative and productive solutions to handle a wide variety of box production needs, from small e-commerce containers to jumbo-sized specialty boxes. Our customers look to us to help them maximize profits, and we take that responsibility seriously.


Alliance offers high-speed upstream feeding and downstream handling systems that range from semi-automatic, operator-assisted machines to fully automatic equipment that frees operators for other duties. Whether making 800 boxes per minute on high-speed flexo folder gluer or maximizing the die cut area of a rotary die cutter, our products include fully automated robotic load formers, palletizers, stackers, prefeeders, pallet handlers, specialty folder gluers, and more.


After a very strong showing in 2022 for sales on back-end automation that trend seems to be continuing in that direction. Automation not only improves productivity, but it can also save labor.  Many of our customers are replacing two older, low-productivity lines with one automated high-productivity line.  The new line can be run with two operators whereas the older lines required three operators each.  The result is for a three-shift operation, 12 operators can achieve what took 18 operators to run two lines previously.  At $75K per operator per year, here’s another $450,000 in savings.


What was unique about 2022 vs previous years was that, instead of focusing on one, our focus shifted towards all segments of palettizing. Alliance sold all 4 models: The high-performing Raptor 4x2, the Raptor RDC for die-cut palletizing, UltraPAL, and the cross-functional RaptorPAL.


Recently, Alliance released the latest solution for digital printer prefeeding. Based on our reliable and proven FeedMAX platform, the digital print prefeeder feeds the board into the digital printer on the long dimension and is capable of either inverting or not inverting the board. Additionally, two lanes of board can be fed simultaneously into the digital printer, effectively doubling its throughput.

In the early fall of this year, we will be launching our New Electric Prefeeder.


We continue to maintain our focus on productivity-enhancing technical innovations, such as bottom sheet systems that use vision technology to scan random-size dunnage and automatically compute the number of sheets required to ensure exact placement of each sheet and obtain the coverage needed.


With more than 16,000 installations around the world, our team of engineers offers technical expertise across the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and beyond backed by a robust customer care staff who provide dedicated installation, training, service, parts, and other support.


Alliance’s mission is to build trust and create value for our customers, seek new ways to innovate, employ positive communication, and operate with integrity. In today’s world of labor shortages and pressure to do more with less, Alliance Machine Systems International, LLC continues to provide world class solutions to all our corrugated customers.

Ron Spice named Inductee to AICC Mexico Hall of Fame

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico (July 7, 2017) - Yair Caballero, Director of AICC Mexico announced that Ronald S. Spice of Alliance Machine Systems International, LLC has been inducted into the AICC Mexico Hall of Fame.

AICC Mexico is proud to welcome Ronald S. Spice as a honored member. Each year AICC Mexico acknowledges a member for their leadership, service and contribution to the industry.

Ron Spice is a graduate of Indiana University with a BA in Spanish; M.A. in Latin American Studies and a M.A. in History of Business and Economics. He studied also at Complutense University of Madrid. He has served the industry for 39 years with responsibilities in the area of sales for several American manufacturers and for the past 18 years has served as Latin American Director of Sales and Marketing for Alliance Machine Systems International, in Spokane Washington.


Ron has lectured for AICC, ANFEC, ACCCSA, IACOR and ATCP, teaching Pit Stop and Corrugator IDK. He has contributed more than 65 columns for magazines such as Corrugando, El Mundo del Corrugado, Mari, Converting Packaging Latin America, Pacific Paperboard and Corrugated Packaging and Score Today. Congratulations to Ron in this honor for his remarkable achievements.




ABC Affilate KXLY TV Broadcast -

Nadine Woodward and Derik Deis report Alliance Machine Systems plays an essential role in the paperboard packaging industry.



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The Raptor is a fully automatic robotic load former with an integrated vision system.  Advanced optical recognition technology identifies the exact location and skew of each bundle as it moves down the conveyor, allowing the robot to quickly grasp the bundle "on the fly" and accurately place it in its proper position with the load.  The RAPTOR produces great load quality and can automatically insert both tie sheets and bottom sheets.  The system sets up automatically, improves overall productivity and reduces risk of operator fatigue and injuries.  More Information



The recently introduced TRIMINATOR is a superior solution for Rotary Die Cut trim removal.
- Minimizes scrap getting through to customers

- Fast, automated set-up

- Advanced oscillation system

- Positive extraction force, superior to gravity-only systems

- Retrofit-able to existing RDC Stackers


The Mark 5 Specialty Folder Gluer


Introduced in 1988 as the world's first, fully modular, shaftless, servo-driven Specialty Folder Gluer, the J&L changed the corrugated landscape and set new heights for flexibility, speed and performance. Coupled with a skilled and highly responsive US centered-service organization, satisfied customers expanded their businesses on the basis of the J&L's capabilities. 


The J&L Company joined Alliance Machine Systems International, LLC in 1995 as part of its ever-widening International product line of corrugated box manufacturing machines. For more than 30 years Alliance has produced over 10,000 machines for the corrugated industry, all focused on raising the productivity bar, including new versions of the J&L. 


Now, our fifth generation J&L Specialty Folder Gluer, the J&L Mark 5, represents the unmatched, premier solution for the innovative box maker committed to delivering superior value to its customers. Preserving the robust, open, and fast-set design, while adding, expanding and improving the range of capability and accuracy, the Mark 5 is truly unmatched in the box market today.


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Journal of Business -

Alliance Machine Systems rolls out new box fabricator

Alliance Machine Systems International LLC, a Spokane Valley-based manufacturer of products and services for the paperboard packaging industry, is rolling out the latest model of one of its machines for manufacturing specialty cardboard boxes.

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Ultra Pal High Speed Automatic Palletizer


The UltraPAL provides highly reliable performance, reduces manual labor costs, delivers excellent load quality and is adaptable to any finishing machine.  Recently released for sale, the UltraPAL / sQPAL is a high performance, modular palletizing system that can be optimized for flexibility and speed on a given product mix.


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