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Alliance Machine Systems International

For 40 years, Alliance has provided its global customer base with an ever-broadening line of productivity-enhancing products and services. Netherlands-based, Alliance Machine Systems Europe, innovates, manufactures and supports customers in the Eurozone and regions far beyond. 


Alliance product lines are based on a foundation of robust mechanical designs that are built to last. Through a commitment to continuous development, Alliance engineers routinely develop value-added retrofits and upgrades that can add many years to the product’s life.  Plant-specific performance audits are readily available.  Whether you are dealing with control system obsolescence or want to increase productivity, Alliance has the tools and expertise to help. 

Alliance technology also dominates the back end of a converting line where its innovative solutions keep product flowing at maximum throughput while positioning, stacking, separating, and palletizing the corrugated material.  Because of its unique combination of high productivity (up to 40.000 sqm/h) and extreme flexibility (e.g., zigzag stacking), the Alliance separating and double palletizing solution at the back end of modern-style Rotary Die Cutters has become a market standard for high productivity applications.

Alliance manufactures multiple back-end palletizing solutions for Flexo Folder Gluers, up to 32 bpm.

For applications where a fully Automatic Palletizer may not be justified or will not fit, Alliance offers a Semiautomatic Loadformer.  The eLM is 100 percent electric and gives the operator the ability to build loads ergonomically without slowing down the converting machines.

From front to back, Prefeeder to Palletizer, Alliance’s innovations streamline product flow and maximize line productivity.  To better support our customers, Alliance Europe is offering a full complement of replacement parts, service contracts, along with line and machine audits. 


The High Speed Automatic Palletizer provides highly reliable performance, reduces manual labor costs, delivers excellent load quality and is adaptable to any finishing machine.

The Tanabe JD BoxR™ Specialty Folder Gluer

The Tanabe JD BoxR™ Specialty Folder Gluer continues to impress with precision, speed and accuracy.  The result of a cooperative effort between Alliance Machine Systems Europe, JD Engineers and Tanabe, the BoxR combines features like the JD Engineers developed-controls package with the industry-leading Tanabe mechanical design.  The combination creates a superior specialty folder gluer that meets the demand for zero-defect box production. 

The JD Engineers control package combines state-of-the-art servo drives and operator touch screen controls that provide more precise control, minimal board jams and faster fault resolution with centralized data access. With speed and accuracy that are highest in the industry, the Tanabe JD BoxR delivers the precision folding that customers expect. Also, as part of Alliance's ongoing development of new applications, a T-Unit and E-Unit feature has been added to the BoxR.  The T-Unit makes double-fold and leakproof boxes.  The E-Unit was developed to eject sample or rejected boxes.  Both units have proven to be very successful.

Along with the Tanabe JD BoxR, Alliance Machine Systems Europe also offers the larger format (2.9-meter and larger) J&L Mark 5 Specialty Folder Gluer. The new Mark 5 design features a truly modular, streamlined design and incorporates many new features.  These features improve run speeds, support more precise folding accuracy, and improve setup times. The J&L Mark 5 Specialty Folder Gluer is specifically engineered for the larger footprint rotary die cut, multipoint glued box market.

The Tanabe Tri Feeder prepares the customer for the next generation of shelf-ready packaging. Tri feeding allows the creation of superior structural properties while minimizing board content. The Tri Feeder is available as a retrofit to an existing multipoint gluer or integrated into a new Tanabe or J&L multipoint gluer. Designed to roll in/out in front of the multipoint gluer, the Tanabe Tri Feeder has proven to be a very attractive alternative to fixed machine designs. When rolled out, the Tri Feeder can be set up offline, while the gluer continues to run.  For low-count, multi-piece box runs, or for boxes not requiring a final fold, the Tri Feeder can be run offline as an independent machine.


Both the Tanabe and J&L product lines are backed by a dedicated worldwide service team that is available 24 hours a day regardless of plant location. 


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