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“I think these training videos are great, this will help everyone here.”

Box Plant Production Manager

Best Practices Training

Manpower turnover is a challenge in almost every industry and an important solution to sustain productivity is consistent training that is easily understood. 


Our engineers and service experts have prepared a series of helpful videos to assist operators and maintenance personnel to get the most from their Alliance equipment.

The Alliance Skills Builder series is video training designed to supplement existing Alliance machine manuals, hands-on training and box plant safety procedures.  All topics are indexed for easy reference.  A comprehension review guide is also included.

The Alliance Skills Builder membership is currently offered to our customer's box plant training managers as a free value-added service.

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Skills Builder Video Topics

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Auto Loadformer / Palletizer System

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1. Basic Operation

     31 min. For box plant operators


Block Push Bottom Feeder 1993 - 2002


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1. Basic Operation and Maintenance

     37 min. For operators and maintenance personnel

2. Basic Operation and Maintenance
     ( w/ Spanish sub titles )

     37 min. For operators and maintenance personnel

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2. Download Instructor Materials:  Click Here to download the Trainer Review Guide Information.
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3. Trainer Feedback:  Alliance welcomes your input and suggestions.  Tell us how well the Skills Builder training videos work in your box plant, any problems or what new topics may be needed. Click Here

 Technical Assistance

1. Check Your Browser First: Not all browsers are updated to play videos correctly.  Internet Explorer is not recommended because it is no longer fully supported by Microsoft,  For best video performance, Skills Builder recommends Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari Browsers.   Click here to download Firefox, the best of the best for free.
2. Connection Speed:  Faster Is better.  For video playback, your internet connection should provide a minimum download speed of 5 to 8 Mbps to view the videos.  Click here to test your connection speed. 
3. Buffering:  If your connection speed is slow, you may still be able to view the video without interruption by waiting for the video to buffer (download).   By clicking the video to play and placeing the cursor over the video, a time line will become visible showing the video downloading rate and the playback rate on the video's timeline.
4.  Internet Access:  If you have problems connecting to the web,  your company's internet access may have an automatic firewall blocking policy.  You may be able to request an exception authorization for approved website addresses.  If not, another Internet service provider may be available to you.
5,  Mobile Devices:  The training videos are smart phone and tablet friendly if using high speed wifi connections.
6. Contact:  If you have technical questions, Click here to contact the Alliance webmaster.  Please include your contact information and a complete description of issue.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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