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Video or Audio Problems?
Check Your Browser First:  Not all browsers are updated to play videos correctly.  Internet Explorer is not recommended because it is no longer fully supported by Microsoft,  For best video performance, Skills Builder recommends Chrome, Edge or Safari Browsers.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Skills Builder Membership & Training Guides

Who can sign up for a Skills Builder Account and what does it cost?

The Skills Builder Account is offered exclusively to Alliance customer's training managers and currently available as a value-added feature at no cost.

Can you help me Sign up and Log in?

Yes!  Just follow the easy steps, Click Here for instructions .

How do I log out?

If you are logged in on the Skills Builder Topics Page, hover your cursor over the "Hello your name" blue button text and the log Out button will appear for you to click on.

Why can't I log-in immediately to the Skills Builder videos after signing up?

It is important that only verified Alliance customers have access to Skills Builder training.  Your sign up registration request will be processed as soon as possible but it may require two business days to manually verify.  When verified, you will receive an email notice that you are authorized to log-in to the videos.  Check your email and spam filter for your approval notice.  


You may attempt to log in at any time and be sure to login using  your signup email and password.  If you forgot your password you can reset it in the Log In window.  If you can not login after allowing two business days and you have registered successfully, you may contact the Alliance Training Video Coordinator or your Alliance Regional Manager for assistance.

What does the Skills Builder training video membership give me access to?

The Alliance Training Videos Membership gives box plant trainers and their trainees access to all Skills Builder video topics as long as they do not log-out.  If they do log out, they can log-in again at any time.  The training membership does not give access to the machine demo videos in the product area of the website.  The password for demo videos is available from your Alliance regional manager.  As a Box Plant trainer, you are also given access to Skills Builder Review Guide information, see below.

Why cant I hear sound or play Skills Builder videos?

Check your browser first.  Not all internet browsers are updated with support technologies to play videos correctly.  Internet Explorer is not recommended, it is no longer fully supported by Microsoft and it is an out of date browser, however, Microsoft does support it's Edge browser.  For best video and sound performance, Skills Builder recommends Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari Browsers.   Click here to download Firefox, the best of the best for free.

What is the best way to make it easy for trainees to access Skills Builder?

The best way is to give employees access to a company controlled computer that is logged in to Skills Builder.  That computer will remain logged in until Skills Builder is logged out.  Your trainees will not need to log in or remember a Skills Builder password on that computer.

Can box plant trainers share their Skills Builder membership account?

As Box Plant Trainer,  you are only authorized to give your member email and password solely to your plant's trainees so they can login to view the videos.  If you forgot your password or would like to change your password before you share it with trainee employees, you can change your password at any time in the log-in window.  You will automatically be asked by email to verify if the new password is an authorized request.


What is the best way for trainers to use the Skills Builder Training Review Guides?

The Training Review Guides can demonstrate a learner's comprehension of content:

  • As a post video review using the "Closed Book" method.  ( a more difficult memory based test )

  • Another approach is to allow the learner to complete the training Review Guides while viewing the videos.  This  "Open book" method helps the learner find the correct answers by using the seek and find approach.  ( less difficult but still a good learning experience )

  • The Training Review Guides can also be customized to fit your box plants needs by downloading the review files, editing and printing them for your trainees to use.


How do I access the Skills Builder Training Review Guides and answers?

For Trainees, the Training Review Guides can be down-loaded from the link at the bottom of each video's page without a password.  The file can be printed to complete, then turned into the the box plant trainer.

For Box Plant Training Instructors, the answer key to the Training Review Guides is available to down-load from the link at the bottom of the Skills Builder Topics Page.   The password Is sent to trainers when they sign up or the password can be requested by contacting the Alliance Training Video Coordinator at any time.

What should I do if I have technical problems?

1. Check Your Browser First: Not all browsers are updated to play videos correctly.  Internet Explorer is not recommended because it is no longer fully supported by Microsoft,  For best video performance, Skills Builder recommends Chrome, Edge or Safari Browsers.  
2. Connection Speed:  Faster Is better.  For video playback, your internet connection should provide a minimum download speed of 5 to 8 Mbps to view the videos.  Click here to test your connection speed. 
3. Buffering:  If your connection speed is slow, you may still be able to view the video without interruption by waiting for the video to buffer.   Click the video to play and put the cursor over the video, a time line will become visible showing the video buffering rate and the playback rate on the video's timeline.
4.  Internet Access:  If you have problems connecting to the web,  your company's internet access may have an automatic firewall blocking policy.  You may be able to request an exception authorization for approved website addresses.  If not, another Internet service provider may be available to you.
5,  Mobile Devices:  The training videos are smart phone and tablet friendly if using high speed wifi connections.
6. Contact:  If you have technical questions, Click here to contact the Alliance webmaster.  Please include your contact information and a complete description of issue.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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