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North America / Latin America / Australia & NZ Regions


Alliance offers prefeeder machines to improve productivity of box lines. For more than 30 years the company has designed and manufactured over 10,000 machines for the corrugated industry, all focused on raising the productivity bar corrugated box manufacturing machines​.  

Contact your Alliance regional manager to evaluate all of the options.


The FeedMAX design offers many benefits including: improved performance, increased productivity, safety enhancements, ease of operation and simple maintenance.

High Speed Top Feeder 

The High Speed Top Feeder is specifically designed for use with the new-generation 38” / 1-meter class top-printing flexo folder gluers now being introduced into the North American converting industry. The High Speed Top Feeder delivers sheets at speeds that exceed the top line speeds of these finishing machines. 

ITF 1.jpg
ITF Mini Feeder 

The ITF Mini Feeder is specifically designed to meet the special demands of high-speed, small-blank operation found on today’s mini flexo corrugated box manufacturing machine lines. The machine is designed to provide maximum control of small blanks as they travel from infeed conveyor lines into the hopper of the flexo, while at the same time providing stability of the incoming stacks.

FeedMASTER Top Feeder 

The FEEDMASTER® Top Prefeeder feeds blanks into a finishing machine in a continuous shingled stream. It receives a stack of material, divides it into blocks, turns each block and shingles it on the extendo conveyor.

Block Push Universal Feeder

The FEEDMASTER® Universal Feeder automatically feeds blanks into a finishing machine in a continuous shingled stream. It receives a stack of material, then divides it into blocks. The blocks can be turned or can pass through without being turned. A combination pattern can also be selected that turns a certain number of blocks, then passes through an equal number. The material is then shingled on the extendo conveyor.

The FEEDMASTER® Universal Block Push Feeder handles applications that require inverted and non-inverted stock. It is recommended for both top and bottom printing machines between 38" x 97" and 66" x 115".

Jumbo Bottom Feeder 

The FEEDMASTER® Jumbo Bottom Feeder is designed to handle large-sized blanks. It receives stacks of material, divides stacks into blocks and feeds them into a finishing machine in a continuous shingled stream.  The FEEDMASTER® Jumbo Bottom Feeder is recommended for bottom printing machines larger than 66" x 135".

Digital Prefeeder 

The digital prefeeder was designed to present board to the digital press oriented 90 degrees compared to what a traditional press would require. It can also accommodate the digital press dual lane printing capabilities using a specialized extendo.

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