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Profile: Vince Fornelli

Meet Vince Fornelli, Alliance’s Territory Manager for the Great Lakes Region.

Experience: 35 years in the corrugated industry

What do customers ask?

It’s really about what Alliance equipment can do for them. That’s the biggest question we get from a technical standpoint: “What’s my productivity?” When it comes to material handling, the biggest topics are productivity and labor savings.

What is the future of the corrugated industry?

Automation is the biggest change in our industry in the last few years. In the first 25 years, the corrugated industry didn’t change all that much. You could get better productivity by buying a new machine or a better machine. There wasn’t the technology to take it to the next level. It is changing now and changing fast due to technology. People have changed; the industry has changed. Our industry has gotten a lot smaller, and we’re producing more. As for the possibilities, we are seeing increases in productivity and increases in technology, and that’s what Alliance does well. We can automate and help our customers do that also.

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