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Profile: Dirk Mermans

Meet Dirk Mermans, Sales Director for Alliance Machine Systems Europe BV.

Areas Served: Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania with a focus on France, Turkey, and new business in developing countries

Experience: Master’s degree in electro-mechanical engineering

What do customers expect?

Confidence is the most important thing we can offer our customers—confidence by acting professionally in creating tailor-made solutions, and customers having the confidence that Alliance projects will achieve their anticipated return on investment.

What is the future of the corrugated industry?

As corrugated packaging has its position in the circular economy and is considered being green, there is a huge future for it. E-commerce will continue to have an impact on the changes in our industry as well as the move toward smaller packages. We have the right equipment available to serve our customers to meet both of these challenges.

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