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Alliance Offers Two Specialty Folder Gluer Lines in Europe

The April 2021 issue of International Paper Board magazine includes a focus on specialty folder gluers that includes two product lines offered by Alliance Machine Systems Europe BV for the Eurozone corrugated market.

"The Tanabe JD BoxR serves the mainstream European market, while the Alliance jumbo J&L Mark5 XT accommodates large format boxes. Both lines include modular designs for maximum flexibility, able to handle a wide range of box styles and sizes. ... The Tanabe JD BoxR folder gluer sizes range from 1250 to 2800 mm and it features state-of-the-art controls and interfaces by JD Engineers. For larger boxes, the Alliance J&L Mark5 XT can accommodate jumbo boxes up to 5300 mm."

The Tanabe JD BoxR now is available with a new integrated gluing, tear taping, and dispensing unit called the JD e-com.

Featured Products

  • Tanabe JD BoxR - The TANABE JD BoxR is flexible and has a wide range of accessories to allow production of the most challenging box designs including: double feeder, straightener, inlet-feeder, control systems, special application widths, factory network communications, accessible gluing channels and new technological developments.

  • Mark5 XT - The Alliance jumbo Mark5™ XT specialty folder gluer handles boxes up to 210 inches. Applications include pallet wraps and jumbo boxes. It also is designed for specialty boxes such as lock bottoms, trays, displays, tubes, and tear tape applications.

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