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Euro SFG Anchor 6

Specialty Folder Gluers

Europe / Asia / Africa / Australia Regions

The Tanabe and J&L machines offer modular designs for maximum flexibility, making them the most versatile gluers in the industry. Together, they offer an extended range of machine sizes and features to meet or exceed all corrugated box production requirements.  Contact your regional manager for more information about our corrugated box manufacturing machines​.


The TANABE JD BoxR is flexible and has a wide range of accessories to

allow production of the most challenging box designs including:

double feeder, straightener, inlet-feeder, control systems, special application widths, factory network communications, accessible gluing channels and new technological developments.


The TANABE TRI FEEDER prepares your customer for emerging market trends in the next generation of displays, wine boxes and shelf-ready packaging. The TRI FEEDER allows creation of superior structural properties while minimizing board content. Other benefits include eliminating the need for secondary operations such as partition shelf insertion and the creation of box-in-a-box packaging.

J&L Mark 5 

Our fifth generation J&L Specialty Folder Gluer, the J&L Mark 5, represents the premier solution for the innovative box maker committed to delivering superior value to its customers. Preserving the robust, open, and fast-set design, while adding, expanding and improving the range of capability and accuracy, the Mark 5 is truly unmatched in the box market today.

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