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Profile: Ron Spice

Meet Ron Spice, Alliance's Director of Latin American Sales and Marketing.


40+ years in the corrugated industry; master’s degrees in business and economic history, as well as Latin American studies; bachelor’s in Spanish; has taught seminars on function and operation of corrugators and on converting in a class called Pit Stop focused on one box setup.

What do customers ask?

Customers ask about how to organize their plants for increased productivity and help in equipment selection.

What is the future of the corrugated industry?

In my 41 years in the industry, I have seen a significant change in automation of the box companies. As an example, we have sold over 65 Alliance Accustaks in Latin America in the past 20 years, which generally double the productivity of rotary die cutters relative to traditional stackers. These usually are accompanied by prefeeder and loadformer orders as well.

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