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Back End Automation Systems

North America / Latin America / Australia & NZ Regions

The Alliance Back End Automation Systems provide reliable performance, reduced labor cost, excellent load quality and are adaptable to any finishing machine.

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Recently released, the UltraPAL system is a high-performance, modular palletizing system that can be optimized for flexibility and speed on a given product mix.


With the highest production speeds in the corrugated box manufacturing industry, the UltraPAL combines the proven layer-forming technology deployed in hundreds of Alliance box plant installations with a new state-of-the-art dual lift layer placement / load forming system. UltraPAL  modules can be mixed and matched depending on the end users product mix and speed requirements.

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Raptor XR

The Raptor XR is a fully automatic robotic load former with an integrated vision system.  Advanced optical recognition technology identifies the exact location and skew of each bundle as it moves down the conveyor, allowing the robot to grasp the bundle "on the fly" and quickly place it in its proper position with the load. 


The RAPTOR XR produces great load quality and can automatically insert both tie sheets and bottom sheets.  The system sets up automatically, improves overall productivity and reduces risk of operator fatigue and injuries.

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Raptor PAL

The RAPTOR PAL automatically builds patterned units from bundles.  Individual incoming bundles are grabbed by the Robot’s end-of-arm tool and positioned on the tier building conveyor.  Once the layer is turned it advances to the tier lift to be transferred to the load.  When the desired layer count is reached, the load discharges automatically.

The RAPTOR PAL produces great load quality and can automatically insert both tie sheets and bottom sheets.  The system sets up automatically.  Operators have more time for quality control. 

Raptor RDC grab.jpg
Raptor XR RDC

Automatically palletize material exiting the diecutter with Alliance Machine Systems International's NEW Raptor XR RDC.


This system includes:
- Alliance modular LOADMASTER 

- Bottom sheet and tie sheets
- Pick tool roller belt conveyor

- Centering unit

- Upstream conveyor zones for indexing

    and accumulating   

- Program controls by Alliance

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The Modular LOADMASTER III is an enhancement of the conventional LOADMASTER platform that allows for higher throughput by including additional modules to decrease incremental process times. The Modular LOADMASTER III design continues to be capable of its previous design features by allowing an operator to build stacked unit loads from individual bundles of material without the need to lift each bundle. In addtion, the Modular LOADMASTER III can be equipped with modules to further increase bundle throughput, nest unit exit time and automate bottom sheet placement. With a fully optioned Modular LOADMASTER III, load forming station throughput can be increased by as much as double while allowing the operator to manage all aspects of their corrugated box manufacturing machines from the upgraded LOADMASTER III operating station.

introducing the Raven 2.png

Introducing The Raven:

  • Balanced price vs performance for mid-range 38s and 50” FFGs

  • Smaller footprint

  • Ideal for tissue boxes

  • Integrated tie and bottom sheet placements

  • Designed to fit in existing finishing machines’ bay

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