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Alliance is the leader in the development of robotics to improve box line productivity.  For more than 35 years the company has designed and manufactured over 10,000 machines for the corrugated industry, all focused on raising the productivity bar for corrugated box manufacturing machines​.

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Raven 5.jpg
Raven is a cost-effective Robotic LOADMASTER suitable for medium speed, 50” Flexo Folder Gluers

Raven’s intended application is for machines whose speeds are limited by operator fatigue. Raven shows up to work every day,

will run the majority of your product mix at higher speeds than

an operator can, and do so without the risk of a soft tissue injury.

Included in the package
•  System to sequence and position the bundles
•  Tie and Bottom Sheet delivery systems
•  Robot and bundle handling tooling
•  High-performance LOADMASTER with robot interface and

•  Fencing, guarding and zero energy lockouts
•  Installation supervision and training
•  Fits most existing LOADMASTER pits - Existing LOADMASTER

   can be redeployed
•  The robot may be parked and the LOADMASTER can be run

    manually if desired

Raven component specs 3.jpg