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Stackers for Corrugated Rotary Die Cutting Lines Keep the Pace

A stacker that consistently builds bundles while matching the speed of the rotary die cutter (RDC) adds value to the corrugated box production line.


The Alliance ACCUSTAK® is a fully automatic high-speed stacker capable of building either bundles, single row stacks, or multiple across stacking of corrugated blanks at the maximum production speeds offered by modern rotary die cutters.

The ACCUSTAK offers automatic setups that can set the entire stacker in one minute or less. It has an interface with all Rotary Die Cutters and the capacity to match their maximum run speeds. It is designed with worker safety in mind, eliminating the need to enter hazardous areas required by other stacking methods.

The machine’s exclusive down-stacking design maintains a fixed angle from the trim removal section to the inclines and from the inclines into the hopper. This fixed geometry provides consistent, reliable stacking at high speed. Additional features include a trim section that allows easy die access, small gap from RDC to stacker for control of small blanks, endless trim belts, multiple across up to six, order storage for fast setups and multi-up (up to four deep) stacking.



Alliance’s UltraStack was engineered to provide excellent productivity by allowing the die cutter to run at full speed.

UltraSTACK further enhances productivity by allowing full die utilization and eliminates the need for shingling and feed interrupts. It handles up to six out and up to four around the die without the need for a bundle breaker, while delivering high quality bundle and stack quality. More than just a stacker or bundler, UltraSTACK is the base platform for integrated die cutting and palletizing.

Contact Alliance to find out which machines are available in your region that will best suit your needs. Visit for more.

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