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BCN 2024 Supplier's Report

For over 35 years, Alliance Machine Systems International has provided its customer base with ever-broadening lines of productivity-enhancing products and services. Washington-based Alliance Machine Systems innovates, manufactures, and supports customers in the U.S., Canada, South America, and beyond.

As our peers, partners, and customers know all too well, doing business in this ever-changing world, especially over the last 3 years, has come with a unique set of challenges. From gaps in the supply chain, delays in parts manufacturing, and shipping impediments, we know that these factors have impacted our deliverables to our valued customers. Looking to 2024 and beyond, we are committed to listening to our customers and continually improving. We want to strengthen the trust that our customers have had in our business and products over the past decades.

With a passion for innovation, Alliance continues to improve and expand our robust line of automation and robotic palletizing options, with advancements such as enhanced End of Arm Tooling for handling die cut work, and adding skew detect capabilities to our systems. One of our robotic offerings, the Raptor XR-RDC, automatically palletizes material exiting the diecutter. With a higher payload robot arm and specially designed tooling, this die cut Raptor can handle larger bundles and improve your process. it also can be parked and operated manually. With improved versatility, the Raptor XR-RDC is flexible to accommodate a wide range of products and has the ability to incorporate automatic tie sheets and complex multi-sheet bottom sheet protection.

Alliance aims to continually improve all of our existing products, with these improvements being driven by engineering advances and customer requests. We strive to have product lines that are based on a strong foundation of designs built to last decades, while constantly innovating with new machine options and retrofits for current machines.

With improvement comes expansion and innovation.  Recently we introduced our digital prefeeder. This prefeeder is based on our proven FeedMAX platform last year and has single or dual-lane feeding, inverting capabilities, a 90-degree quick corner, and an electric platform design. We also shipped our new Electric Prefeeder, with an Inverter (BPBFe-INV), to one of our valued customers. Alliance is expanding our reach into electric and hybrid machines, which are more efficient for our customers. We are now also building bundle conveyor. Using our history of control and automation, we can build Plastic Belt Conveyor in a number of configurations and sizes to suit consumer needs.

We express our gratitude to all our employees for their hard work, dedication, and exceptional talent. We thank all our customers for helping us thriving in the increasingly competitive market and their continued support that empower us to keep growing, innovating, and offering some of the highest productivity machines in the industry. We are grateful for our partnership and commitment to our shared success.

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