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Optimize Your Alliance Equipment with Regular Maintenance

The key to optimizing any piece of equipment is maintenance. It needs to be cared for like a mint-condition vintage Mustang to operate efficiently. Reliable machinery contributes to the production goals of the corrugated box plant and helps prevent downtime.

Operators and maintenance staff members who perform routine checks and tasks are vital to ensuring your Alliance Raptor automated loadformer, FeedMAX bottom feeder, Accustak, or other Alliance machine performs to expectations.

Following are some maintenance tasks that, when followed consistently, will keep equipment operating at peak performance. Note that each machine has different components, which require a unique maintenance regimen. Tasks might have to be performed more or less often, depending on how frequently or aggressively the machine is run.

Before performing any maintenance, follow lockout-tag out and other safety procedures outlined in the manual. Each machine’s manual also includes maintenance checklists that break down suggested daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual tasks, etc. The checklists are designed to be signed and kept on file.

Sample Alliance Maintenance Checklist

Select Suggested Maintenance Tasks

  • Keep the machine and areas under and around it clean.

  • Inspect the machine for loose, bent, or broken parts.

  • Check guards and signs to ensure they are in place.

  • Check alignment of photo eyes.

  • Clean lenses of photo eyes with air, either by blowing them off or vacuuming them. Wiping them with a cloth may damage them.

  • Check and replace filters if necessary.

  • Ensure movable components have full range of motion and are aligned properly.

  • Blow dust off fans.

  • Inspect belts for tension, tracking, wear, and damage.

  • Inspect valves, cylinders, motors, and hoses for wear or leakage.

  • Check the condition, tension, and tracking of conveyor belts.

  • Check oil levels.

  • Ensure pneumatic pressure is within specified range.

  • Clean and check wear and tension of any lift chains.

  • Check any cords for wear.

  • Ensure floor anchor bolts are tight.

  • Check for loose knobs or wires on control panels.

  • Inspect machine frame for signs of stress, cracks, or other damage.

  • Inspect rollers.

  • Inspect and lubricate bearings according to schedule.

  • Clean dust and debris from electrical cabinets.

  • Calibrate lifts.

  • Check lift and extendo cylinders.

  • Replace burned out bulbs.

A number of preventive maintenance videos are available to customers online for free on the Alliance Skills Builder platform. Visit to register.

Preventive Maintenance Flyer Cover

Alliance’s Customer Care department offers preventive maintenance audits and other services to keep your equipment in prime condition. Download the flyer for details.

Customer Care may be reached at +1 (509) 535-0356 or

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