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Modular LOADMASTER Training Videos Added to Skills Builder

Alliance has added operation and maintenance videos on the Modular LOADMASTER load former to the Skills Builder online training platform. This training is free to Alliance customers.

Operation topics include manual setup and auto setup and operation. Maintenance topics include calibration, setup, and operation.

To view the videos, visit and enter your email and password.

To view Alliance's training videos, visit

About the mLM4

The Alliance Modular LOADMASTER allows for higher throughput by including additional modules to decrease incremental process times vs a single lift LOADMASTER. It allows an operator to build stacked unit loads from individual bundles of material without the need to lift each bundle. The operator receives incoming bundles on a transfer table and slides them onto a stripper plate to form a tier pattern. As each tier is completed, the operator cycles the stripper plate to place the tier on the stack, and the stack is incrementally lowered into the floor pit. When the desired tier count is reached, the completed unit discharges automatically.

The Modular LOADMASTER can be equipped with modules that increase bundle throughput, nest unit exit time and automate bottom sheet placement. With a fully optioned Modular LOADMASTER, load forming station throughput can be increased by as much as double vs a single lift LOADMASTER while allowing the operator to manage all aspects of the system from the upgraded operating station.

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