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Material Handling Developments-Brunton UK

Alliance Machine Systems Offers Material Handling Solutions

For nearly 40 years, Alliance Machine Systems International has provided its global customer base with ever-broadening lines of productivity-enhancing products and services. Netherlands-based Alliance Machine Systems Europe innovates, manufactures, and supports customers in the Eurozone and beyond.

Alliance offers a wide variety of models, types, and sizes of prefeeders. Each designed to interface to the full range of Rotary Die Cutters (RDCs), Platen or Flat Bed Die Cutters (FBDCs), top and bottom print Case Makers or Flexo Folder Gluers (FFGs). Each is specifically engineered with features designed to maximize converting equipment productivity.

Rotary die cut lines running 40,000 square meters per hour have become the norm. Flexibility is the key as our systems are engineered specifically for your production objectives. They are not “canned” solutions sold as an add-on to a finishing machine. We can analyze your product mix and design a customized machine center. Recent developments include the electric specialty block feeder (eSBF). Its modular design allows the mainframe to be interfaced with a bottom print delivery system, or with a high-speed option for a top print application. Alliance draws on the expertise of its global engineering team to create enhancements today that are designed to meet tomorrow’s production requirements.

For Die Cutter Applications

The ePALL palletizing platform enables Alliance to offer the very high output from flatbed and rotary die cutters, without compromising stack integrity.

For Flexo Folder Gluer Applications

Alliance technology for the back end of converting lines provides innovative solutions to keep product flowing at maximum throughput while producing top quality loads of corrugated material.

Because of its unique combination of high productivity—up to 2,000 bundles per hour—and extreme flexibility, the Alliance ePALL offers the corrugated industry the widest range of automatic palletizing solutions. It features 4-sided squaring, limited drop height, a dual elevator, and a bottom sheet unit.

For ultra-high performance, Alliance also offers the RaptorPAL, and Raptor XR. Both are robotic palletizing solutions specifically designed for EVOL box-making machine applications.

The RaporPAL consists of a robot suspended upside down over a conveyor based palletizing system. The robot first “sees” the bundle moving down the conveyor, then picks it and repositions it to the proper location prior to entering the layer forming section of the palletizer. By grabbing and repositioning the bundle “on the fly”, the robot negates the need to stop the conveyor to reposition the bundles. The result is a significant increase in system speed.

The Raptor XR is a robot combined with a twin box slitter (TBS) and upstream bundle collecting system can process 800 cases per minute.

It’s the perfect technology to maximize the performance of an EVOL focused on E-commerce cases.

For applications where a fully automatic palletizer may not be the ideal solution, Alliance offers its semiautomatic loadformer, the eLM. The eLM has a completely electric design and gives the operator the ability to build loads ergonomically, without slowing down converting machines.

All of Alliance product lines are based on a foundation of robust designs built to last decades. In many cases, the obsolescence of the controllers doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the life of the machines. Retrofits and upgrades can add many years to a product’s life.

To optimize productivity and evaluate machine condition, machine center specific performance audits are available. Alliance offers a wide range of upgrade options, from minor mechanical and control modifications to complete machine rebuilds.

From the prefeeder to the palletizer, Alliance’s innovations streamline product flow and maximize line productivity by delivering excellent speeds, minimal operator interaction and maximum uptime.

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