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Introducing the J&L Mark5 XT Specialty Folder Gluer

Alliance is pleased to introduce its enhanced specialty folder gluer, the J&L Mark5 XT with extra tamping capacity and diagnostics. Enhancements 

  • Extended tamping capability in the compression module now accommodates boxes up to 65 inches long on 115- to 130-inch machines and 85 inches long on 150- to 210-inch machines.

  • Relocated pressure regulators, integrated machine status lights, improved side travel on compression module, and redesigned front fold hooks for faster setups all add to higher operator efficiency.

  • Machine service prompts alert the operator when quarterly, bi-annual, and annual preventive maintenance are due.

  • Drive health and status information available at the operator consoles allow a proactive approach for the maintenance department. 

  • Production monitoring feature allows real-time production information to be viewed on the HMI and can be automatically exported to email.

Download the flyer or watch sample video for details.

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