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Alliance Introduces Raptor XR RDC Loadformer

Automatically palletize material exiting the die cutter with Alliance Machine Systems International's NEW Raptor XR RDC. With a higher payload robot arm and specially designed tooling, this die cut Raptor can handle larger bundles and help improve your process.

Able to handle up to 24 bundles per minute, the Raptor XR for die-cut applications frees up the loadforming operator for more valuable tasks.

For odd-shaped boxes, the Raptor may be parked and the loadformer operated in a semiautomatic mode.

The system includes:

  • Alliance modular LOADMASTER™ with bottom sheet and tie sheets

  • Pick tool roller belt conveyor

  • Centering unit

  • Upstream conveyor zones for indexing and accumulating

  • Program controls by Alliance

Alliance is a FANUC Robotics authorized system integrator.

Download the spec sheet for more information.

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