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Material Handling

Europe / Asia / Africa / Australia Regions

Alliance offers automated material handling to improve productivity of box lines.  For more than 30 years the company has  designed corrugated box manufacturing machines for the corrugated industry, all focused on raising the productivity bar. Contact your regional manager for information.

Pallet Handler

Pallet Handlers are designed to improve the efficiency of pallet handling systems by offering completely automated machines, eliminating the need to manually handle pallets. Pallet Handlers are reliable, adaptable, maintenance-free and the fastest machine on the market.


Ball Belt Rotator

The sQPAL's patented Ball Belt Rotator allows high-speed bundle rotation.  This device allows for fast and accurate rotation of one or more bundles without having to lift the bundles off the conveying surface. Once rotated, cross conveyors can realign the bundles to create the desired layer pattern. The cross conveyors permit 90 degree orientation of the product relative to the flow direction.


Pallet Sweep

The Pallet Sweep features heavy-duty construction and innovative design. With automatic load and pallet centering, it correctly positions each load for the prefeeder's infeed conveyor. The automatic pallet discharge conveys each pallet out of the way of the next load and gives the sweep the capability of handling two pallets simultaneously.


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