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Service Bulletin: Plastic Belt Tensioning and Maintenance

Alliance Machine Systems International has issued an update to its procedures for maintaining raised plastic belt conveyors. Machine models containing these conveyors include Raptor loadformers, RaptorPAL, UltraPAL, Plastic Belt Conveyors, UltraBREAK, and Bundle Breaker III.

These procedures cover tensioning, replacing damaged links, changing the belts, and troubleshooting belt issues. These procedures do not apply to plastic belt conveyors that rest directly on the floor.

A copy of these updates and videos of selected procedures can be found on the Alliance website at https://www.alliancellc.com/maintenance-conveyor-belt. Contact Technical Services for the password.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Alliance Technical Services at support@alliancellc.com or (509) 535-0356, option 3.

Bulletin #: SVB-162

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