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RDC Stackers

Europe / Asia / Africa / Australia Regions

Alliance offers automation to improve productivity of box line stackers. For over 30 years Alliance has designed corrugated box manufacturing machines​, all focused on raising the productivity bar.

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The new generation Accustak offers automatic setups that can set the entire stacker in one minute or less. It has an interface with all rotary die cutters and capacity to match their maximum run speeds, as well as easy operator machine control with a new graphic color touch screen. A new diagnostic software program quickly and easily identifies any maintenance issues. The design is the safest in the corrugated box manufacturing machines industry because it eliminates the need to enter hazardous areas required by other stacking methods.


The Accustak features an exclusive downstacking design that maintains a fixed angle from the trim removal section to the inclines and from the inclines into the hopper. This fixed geometry provides consistent, reliable stacking at high speed. Additional features are: a trim section that allows easy die access, small gap from RDC to stacker for control of small blanks, endless trim belts, multiple across up to six wide, order storage for fast setups and multi-up (up to four deep) stacking.




Accustak High-Boardline


A new high boardline Accustak model is now available that is fully compatible with the latest high-boardline rotary diecutters. Accustak’s proven down-stacking design is uniquely suited to complement the full speed and high performance of these new-generation finishing machines as it doesn’t have the moving inclines that require feed interrupts. In addition, Accustak’s quick automatic setup feature matches the fast order changeover capabilities offered by high-boardline corrugated box manufacturing machines. 

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