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Preventive Maintenance, Audit &Training Support

Customer Care for North America / Latin America / Australia & NZ

Alliance Machine Systems International LLC will provide our factory trained technician for a fixed annual discounted rate (please call 509 535-0356 / press 3 for applicable rates), over a period of one (1) year.  Programs are available for both Bi-Annual and Quarterly visits.



Benefits of Alliance In-Plant Maintenance/Audit/Training:


  1. Audit Safety, Mechanical / Electrical Function Evaluate, Recommend and Perform Training

  2. Perform Preventive Maintenance

  3. Perform Repairs as Needed and Appropriate

  4. Evaluate Spare Parts Inventory

  5. Evaluate Equipment Documentation

  6. Identify Potential Problem Areas (Upstream and Downstream)

  7. Updates - Latest Technologies and Machinery Enhancements

  8. Alliance / Customer Action Plans

  9. Claims – Evaluate/Assist

  10. 10% Discount on parts identified by the audit

  11. Kickoff Meeting Upon Arrival


Under this Program the Technician will spend 3 consecutive 8-hour weekdays per scheduled trip. All Preventive Maintenance/Audit/Training Plan trips need to be scheduled at least 20 days in advance.


If the Plan Holder desires additional technician hours, or Sunday or Holiday scheduling – those hours will be invoiced at our published rates - per the current Alliance Service Rate Sheet.


All parts not covered under a manufacturer's warranties that are ordered from Alliance Machine Systems International LLC as a result of the services or audit provided during these Trips will be charged at our prevailing list price - less 10%. (Parts must be ordered within 30 days of the Trip date)


Customer will be billed upon service - under PO number                             


Any Training Materials required – will be invoiced at prevailing rates – less 10%

Call 509 535-0356 to Schedule Your

Next Alliance PM Support Visit.

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