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Alliance offers automation to improve productivity of box line prefeeders.  For more than 30 years the company has designed and manufactured over 10,000 machines for the corrugated industry, all focused on raising the corrugated box manufacturing machines​ productivity bar.

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eSBF Prefeeder

The Special Block Feeder is a completely electric/pneumatic machine. The eSBF is a corrugated box manufacturing machine that feeds a converting machine with a controlled stream of board. It will increase the efficiency and speed of a line, allow for inspection for individual boards and reduce the amount of misfeeds due to a sheet-by-sheet filling of the hopper. The eSBF II can be adapted to various sizes of converting machines and can handle various fluting.

The Special Block Feeder is an automatic Prefeeder suited for feed bottom printing and upfolding machines. It receives one stack at a time, with or without pallet, from a floor conveyor.

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eMF Prefeeder

The Minifeeder is an automatic prefeeder for a small-size top printing converting machine like the Martin 616, 618, and 718, Emba 160 and 170, 175 and Langston 26” x 68”.  It is capable of feeding large stacks of small board sizes (max 800 mm x 1800 mm), which can be supplied to the Minifeeder in blocks, the same way they come down from the corrugator. This complete load enters the Minifeeder through a corrugated box manufacturing machines conveyor system.


Once the load has entered the Minifeeder, the second stack is stabilized from the top by the topholder. The first stack is lifted by the Swivel assembly and positioned laterally to create a perfect line up. The load is then tipped over and fed into the prehopper of the extendo where the board is squared, fed through the shingle gate and sent shingled to the converting machine hopper, where the blanks are further squared by side and back tampers.

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