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Big Associate Article 2023-BoxScore

In today’s world of labor shortages and pressure to do more with less, Alliance Machine Systems International, LLC continues to provide world class solutions to its corrugated customers. The reality is the finishing machine’s productivity is controlled by the surrounding material handling equipment. Recognizing that no two finishing machines run the same mix, Alliance engineers have developed a variety of automation solutions that maximize the productivity of a finishing machine, that runs a given mix. Compared to full line suppliers that supply a fixed architecture, Alliance can mix and match the equipment and engineer a specific solution designed to achieve your specific productivity goals. No two finishing machines run the same mix. Why would you put the same automation behind both? Consider that an additional 10 msf per run hour could deliver $250,000 of additional profit per year.

Automation not only improves productivity, but it can also save labor. Many customers are replacing two older, low productivity lines with one automated high productivity line. The new line can be run with two operators whereas the older lines required three operators each. The result is for a three-shift operation, six operators can achieve what took 18 operators previously. At $50K per operator per year, here’s another $600,000 in savings.

Recently, Alliance released the latest solution for digital printer prefeeding. Based on our reliable and proven FeedMAX platform, the digital print prefeeder feeds the board into the digital printer on the long dimension and is capable of either inverting or not inverting the board. Additionally, two lanes of board can be fed simultaneously into the digital printer, effectively doubling its throughput.

We continue to maintain our focus on productivity-enhancing technical innovations, such as bottom sheet systems that use vision technology to scan random-size dunnage and automatically compute the number of sheets required to ensure exact placement of each sheet and obtain the coverage needed. Our patented TEDD sheet deceleration technology in the UltraSTACK RDC stacker/palletizer permits running at full speed without a shingle, allowing exact bundle counts without a feed interrupt. Our J&L Mark5 XT jumbo series specialty folder gluer can fold and glue boxes up to 210 inches wide.

With more than 18,000 installations around the world, our team of engineers offers technical expertise across the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and our customers are backed by a robust customer care staff who provide dedicated installation, training, service, parts, and other support.

Contact your local Alliance sales representative to find out how we can help you achieve your labor and productivity objectives,

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