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January 2015

For over thirty years, Alliance Machine Systems International has provided its global customer base with an ever-broadening line of productivity-enhancing products and services.  Through its Netherlands-based Alliance Machine Systems Europe, Alliance innovates, manufactures, and supports its customers in and around the Eurozone. 


Covering the full range of corrugated finishing equipment, Alliance offers more models, types and sizes of prefeeders than any supplier in the world, with special features adapted to maximize productivity out of converting equipment.  Never satisfied with the status quo, Alliance engineers work on enhancements today that are designed to meet tomorrow’s production requirements.  A good example of this is last year’s introduction of its latest-generation Electric MiniFeeder designed to optimize in-feed speed and reliability for today’s fastest Mini Flexo Folder Gluer lines. 


Alliance product lines are based on a foundation of robust designs built to last for years.  The total life cycle of these products may be extended for many more years because most of the new features coming from Alliance’s continuous development are designed to be compatible with previous generations and are available to our customers as upgrades.  The upgrade list is almost endless with a wide range of options from minor mechanical and control modifications to complete machine rebuilds.  Key to the success of Alliance is the “Alliance Life Cycle Enhancement Program” linking users to the Alliance bulletin audit and update process.


Alliance technology also dominates the back end of a converting line where its innovative solutions keep the product flowing at maximum throughput while positioning, stacking, separating, and palletizing corrugated products.  With over 1,000 separator systems installed worldwide, Alliance is the market leader in separating nicked boxes.  Key features such as minimized clamping forces, robust plastic chains, patented bundle rotation and separate overhead platen assemblies ensure fast, clean breaks along with a smooth bundle flow.  


Since its beginning, Alliance Machine Systems has been a leader in introducing new and innovative palletizing technology to the corrugated industry.  Alliance combined all of its market and product knowledge and expanded its palletizer range by introducing the sQPALTM Palletizer System (Patent Pending), allowing customers to maximize the throughput of its converting machines.


For applications where a fully Automatic Palletizer might not be the ideal solution, Alliance offers its Semiautomatic Loadformer, the eLM. The eLM is completely electric and gives the operator the ability to build loads in a very ergonomic way without slowing down the converting machines.


From front to back, Prefeeder to Palletizer, Alliance’s innovations streamline product flow and maximize line productivity.  


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