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TRI Feeder
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The TANABE TRI FEEDER easily integrates with existing specialty folder gluers, eliminating the need to purchase a complete new line.


Operationally, the TRI FEEDER places either one or two blanks on top of a base blank. The placed blanks may be items such as one or two piece partitions, folding shelf inserts or structural reinforcements for stacking strength.  The inserted pieces are attached to the base sheet by combinations of hot and cold set glue. Placement accuracies to +/- 1mm are easily achieved. The robust design provides for stable and repeatable box runs.

The TANABE TRI FEEDER prepares your customer for emerging market trends in the next generation of displays, wine boxes and shelf-ready packaging. The TRI FEEDER allows creation of superior structural properties while minimizing board content. Other benefits include eliminating the need for secondary operations such as partition shelf insertion, and the creation of box-in-a-box packaging.


The TANABE TRI FEEDER is available as a stand alone retrofit to an existing specialty folder gluer or integrated into a new J&L or TANABE multipoint gluer system.


The typical TRI FEEDER box styles are:

• A box-in-a-box for shelf-ready packaging. This allows removal of the protective outer case without the need for tear tape, knives or cutters.

• Partitioned wine boxes that do not require a downstream process to insert the partitions.

• Structurally reinforced boxes such as those required by the confectionery industry. The three piece design dramatically reduces board content and cost of the box.

• Other designs that are only limited by your imagination.


Alliance offers specialty folder gluers to improve productivity of box lines.  For more than 30 years the company has  designed and manufactured over 10,000 machines for the corrugated industry, all focused on raising the productivity bar for corrugated box making machines​.

Contact your regional manager for more information.

Contact  your regional manager for more information.

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