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Bundle Handlers & Conveyor

North America / Latin America / Australia & NZ Regions


Alliance improves box line productivity with bundle handlers. For more than 30 years the company has designed and manufactured over 10,000 machines for the corrugated industry, all focused on raising the productivity bar of corrugated box manufacturing machines​.

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Bundle Doubler / Rotator (BDR)

The Bundle Doubler/Rotator receives incoming bundles one at a time, accumulates two bundles (25” through dimension or less) in a centering and squaring unit (CSU), picks up, rotates (if desired,) and deposits onto second set of accumulated bundles, then releases the doubled pair to a downstream conveyor in your corrugated box manufacturing machine line.  

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Bundler Doubler / Tripler (BDT) 

For low bundle count applications, an optional bundle doubler/tripler device can be added to keep the throughput of the entire system at higher levels on these difficult orders.

Bundle Inverter

The Bundle Inverter receives and clamps bundles, then inverts them as needed in a pattern specified by the operator. Bundles that do not need to be rotated are conveyed through.  The Bundle Inverter improves load quality and bundle flow. It reduces physical labor and potential for injury, since heavy bundles do not have to be lifted. 

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Ball Belt Rotator

The patented Ball Belt Rotator allows high-speed bundle rotation in your corrugated box manufacturing machine lines.  This device allows for fast and accurate rotation of one or more bundles without lifting the bundles off the conveying surface.  Once rotated, cross conveyors can realign the bundles to create the desired layer pattern. The cross conveyors permit 90 degree orientation of the product relative to the flow direction.


Bundle Transfer Conveyor (BTC)

The Bundle Transfer Conveyor receives bundles on pop-up infeed belts. As bundles reach the backstop, pop-up belts retract and bundles exit using belt-driven rollers. Bundles can exit to either side of the conveyor and will be turned 90 degrees to entry. The BTC is most commonly used in a corner situation, connecting other bundle-handling equipment with an ACCUSTAK where it can also be configured for dual direction. 

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Plastic Belt Conveyor (PBC)

The plastic belt conveyor can be used in various locations within a bundle handling system. plastic belt conveyor can be used in combination with other bundle handling equipment to create a standalone bundle handling system or integrated into a back-end automation system.  


The plastic belt conveyor is used for smooth and seamless transfer of bundles from one end of an automated system to the other. Without causing bundles to be damaged, skewed or disheveled.

Swept Corner Back View.png
Swept Corner Plastic Belt Conveyor (TruTURN)

TruTURN technology provides consistent product orientation and spacing through the curve. Flat belt conveyance to maintain bundle quality and pie shaped links ensure a stable & uniform surface for product conveyance. Symmetric drive design ensures positive drive throughout the entire curve. Engineered transition zones at the entrance and exit to maintain bundle control throughout the conveying process.


Excellent solution for die-cut as well as top or bottom print FFG conveyor applications

Available in 55in plastic belt width

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